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"In The Valley"

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"Colin Bracewell's latest track, 'Why' , is a masterful display of heartfelt lyricism matched with dynamic songwriting. The brilliant high falsetto cries against the minimal production, add depths of emotion, especially with such a variety of sounds that are being produced. Light ambient synths, diverse guitar strums, and a blind-sided switch of the melody and pace from the chorus into the bridge act as a clever misdirection leading into the eruptive outro. For as chill and minimal as it seemingly portrays, 'Why' , is a cinematic journey that's left me hitting repeat, repeat, repeat, in hopes of discovering another goose egg of sounds I missed the first time around."

EARMILK - David Sikorski


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About Colin

Colin Bracewell's vocal pads and true lyrics, combined with love and loss, create a unique and gravitating artistry.  At only 21 years old, Colin Bracewell has established himself as a strong Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter, whose raw vocals and production reflect the sound of Bon Iver and Jeff Buckley. Born in Canada, and now living in the United States, Colin began writing and performing at a young age and is now attending the University of Minnesota. His style discovers a dark and nostalgic sound paired with thick production and tight vocals. 

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