At only 22 years old, Colin Bracewell has established himself as a strong Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter whose raw vocals and production reflect the sound of Bon Iver, Jeff Buckley, and more recently, Hippo Campus. Born in Canada, Colin relocated to the United States when he was very young, and now attends the University of Minnesota and is completing a double major in Business-Marketing and Vocal Performance.  He began writing and performing at a young age and now composes and produces much of his own work.  

"His instrumentation sets him apart from other singer-songwriters of the same genre, often adding gentle synths, a killer trumpet solo, or a moody saxaphone riff to bring a jazzier feel that offsets lyrics of heartbreak (or ampliphies them, depending on the listener)." THE MINNESOTA DAILY, Bel Moran

His style discovers a dark and nostalgic sound paired with thick production and tight vocals. Usually writing, recording, and producing on his own, Bracewell's vocal pads and true lyrics combined with love and loss, create unique and gravitating artistry. In 2020, his folk-influenced single, “You’re Fine”, inspired by the intensity of of the year’s events, was featured on The Current – as "Song of the Day."  

Bracewell's single, "Slopes," will draw you in from the first note, and the energy will have you rocking and singing along.  He pushes himself to visit other realms of creativity while still maintaining his authentic storytelling and heartfelt melodies. Colin's drive to be unique and relatable allows further embellishment of his soulful music, taking fans even deeper.  

Praises & Quotes

"Colin Bracewell is dangerous. Young, hungry and magic. Stunning as a solo act that values vulnerability paired with stellar production value. Nostalgia, heartache, cheek bones and triumph. Neo-soul to make you feel seen."
"All he needs is four chords and his voice to captivate. There's no need for embellishment of any kind."
EAR COFFEE, Wes Muilenburg
"Organic instrumentation contrasts with Colin's warm voice and creates a unique and exciting encounter. The artist's raw and honest voice is permeated well in this song and we hear him sing about an unanswered love affair where he asks himself the question why? He guides us through relatively stripped-down yet rhythmically exciting verses and then explodes into a magnificent chorus"
POPMUZIK - Sebastian Södergren
"Why" is a masterful display of heartfelt lyricism matched with dynamic songwriting. The brilliant high falsetto cries against the minimal production add depths of emotion, especially with such a variety of sounds that are being produced. Light ambient synths, diverse guitar strums, and a blind-sided switch of the melody and pace from the chorus into the bridge act as a clever misdirection leading into the eruptive outro. For as chill and minimal as it seemingly portrays, "Why" is a cinematic journey that's left me hitting repeat, repeat, repeat, in hopes of discovering another goose egg of sounds I missed the first time around. "
EARMILK - David Sikorski
"Colin has the ability to rock a house show, but also bring enough pop to sway the bigger festival cultures."