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Why don't you listen, to me

So ashamed of what you've made me

Can't recall why I'm upset and bruised

Headspace in the wrong place

My God, it's aching for you

Can't recall why I'm obsessed with you

Let me see it through

So tell me why

So tell me why

You gotta let me know

Just gotta let me know

I don't understand why

I don't understand why

Please let me know

Or let me go

I don't know why we had to go but

Everything was so slow up

North where we could be ourselves

But everything was not ourselves

I don't know why you hideaway

From beach day or any day

Can you let it go….so.

I can see her

She's all cold up there

How to feel her touch

Upon her ladder

I can see her

I can feel her scratching

Just to feel her touch

I love her so much.

Music and Lyrics: Colin Bracewell

Production and Engineering: Thomas Abban, Colin Bracewell

Mixing and Mastering: Joel Bruyere