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You're Fine


Flashing lights I see around

On the phone, their talking feels down

It’s clear to see that something’s not okay

So don’t work today, it’s not okay


And don’t tell me it’s gonna be okay

Because I know “okay” and it feels as though we’re slipping away

And something keeps it going every time

And even though you say, “You’re mine”

"You're mine"

But, it doesn’t feel like that


It’s cold outside, of course we’ll hide,

We’ll make it there some other way

Why must we fight or even try?

We’ll make it there eventually


And the pain fills you on

And it feels like you don’t belong

And the pain withers your insides

And, something keeps it going every time.


And it can’t get off, even if you try

And you wash away, but you still feel the line

Just know, you’re fine

Just know, all mine

Just know, you’re fine

Just know, you’re fine

Music and lyrics: Colin Bracewell