New song, "WHY", just released!

"Colin Bracewell's latest track, 'Why', is a masterful display of heartfelt lyricism matched with dynamic songwriting. The brilliant high falsetto cries against the minimal production, add depths of emotion, especially with such a variety of sounds that are being produced. Light ambient synths, diverse guitar strums, and a blind-sided switch of the melody and pace from the chorus into the bridge act as a clever misdirection leading into the eruptive outro. For as chill and minimal as it seemingly portrays, 'Why', is a cinematic journey that's left me hitting repeat, repeat, repeat, in hopes of discovering another goose egg of sounds I missed the first time around." EARMILK David Sikorski

"All he needs is four chords and his voice to captivate. There's no need for embellishment of any kind." 

"Bracewell pairs wistful reminiscence with ringing guitar chords, that are allowed to vibrate through the song's walls."  

Wes Muilenburg, EAR COFFEE

"As a singer-songwriter, I am influenced by personal experiences, especially the ones that are tough and make you grow.  I believe it is through the 'stories' in music that we can connect to ourselves and the people and places around us.   It is important for people to interpret my music in a way ​that best fits them and their own stories." Colin Bracewell

"Colin has the ability to rock a house show, but also bring enough pop to sway the bigger festival cultures." SB - YA